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The third Naval UX Day, the first one to be held live & partnering with AFCEA was held LIVE at the recently opened UCSD Park & Market. 

Please look for announcements sometime in the summer for Naval UX 2024!

Check out videos and presentations from 2023 below:

Naval UX presentations

 Naval UX videos

NAVAL UX Day Mission:  To optimize products and systems in the hands of the warfighters by spreading awareness and knowledge of incorporating UX (HSI, HFE, UCD) into our engineering lifecycles throughout the Department of the Navy.

Through Naval UX Day and resulting collaboration and networks, we seek to educate more of our science, engineering, and acquisition workforce; our leadership and decision-makers; as well as our warfighters on this critical engineering field in order to accept and ultimately institute this as part of how we conceive, design, develop and maintain products and systems. It is our duty to deliver our warfighters the most technologically advanced and usable products they deserve, providing them an unfair advantage in the battlespace.

The industry has proven the success of science-based, user-centered design as evidenced by smartphones, smart home devices, automobile interfaces, appliances, services, etc.  It is our duty to place the same emphasis on design to deliver our warfighters the products they can delight in through ease of use, minimization of training, trust, and effectiveness.

Please excuse us for intermingling these overlapping areas of expertise: Human Systems Integration, Human Factors Engineering, User-Centered Design, and User Experience, we understand the differences but for the ease of advertisement and forms, UX will be used to cover all of these fields and methods of expertise.

The material submitted here will not be released outside of the government review team, but we require all presented work to be approved for public release (Distribution A) by the time of presentation submission (approximately 2 weeks prior to Naval UX DAY).

We anticipate two main types of presentations:

* 30-minute talk accompanied by slides and/or videos + 10-minute Q&A

* 30 minute demonstration + 10 minute Q&A

Note: All presentations at this event will be Distribution A.

(Details subject to change.)

We will also consider proposals for panel discussions, tutorials, workshops, or other content appropriate for a live event.

We are focusing on the topics below, but welcome your own topics as well:

  • Integrating UX into Navy/Military agile software development
  • Human Factors Engineering – science-driven
  • Progress on accepting UCD as a natural part of engineering in the Navy/Military
  • Proven ROI through UX for Navy/Military programs and warfighters
  • Examining current failures in the Navy/Military with design presenting solutions: e.g.: The Fitzgerald/McCain collisions

We are especially interested in the involvement of UX in:

  • Decision Optimization
  • Autonomous systems
  • Product/Hardware development
  • Wargaming
  • Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence
  • Model-Based System Engineering
  • Modeling and Simulation

These areas can be represented by the following:

  • Technical talks on completed or ongoing research or other projects
  • Demonstrations
  • Tutorials
  • Sponsored exhibit booths
  • Other suggested content appropriate for a live event

Thanks to our partnership with AFCEA, we have the ability to include sponsored content such as demonstration booths. If you are interested, fill out the submission form and we will get you more information shortly. 

— Classification level —

The entire virtual workshop this year will be held at the publicly releasable (DISTRIBUTION A) level.

Everything submitted to the form linked above will be shared only with the government review team, so you do not need to clear your abstract for public release before submitting it. Do NOT submit any classified or controlled unclassified information via this webpage.







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