STEM Research Grants

Eligible students for this Grant would be currently in the 9th through 11th grades and at their own initiative would have found mentors or advisors to help them conduct research in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

The students are solely responsible for finding their own projects and advisors. The projects could be done in academia (college or university) or industry but not at home. Students would be found to be ineligible to receive this grant if they receive funding for conducting this research project from another source (does not apply to advisors/mentors or other projects the student maybe involved in). The last day to apply is May 31.

2018 STEM Internship/Research Grant winner:  

The winner of the $1,400 STEM Research Grant is Ms. Isabella Catanzaro from Cathedral Catholic High School. Her project is on “Robotic Gardening”. She will design and build an automated garden robot to grow seedlings for raised planters in her school garden, and is modeled after the open- sourced robot called “Farmbot”.  She was inspired to do this project after being involved in the robotics program at her school, and her participation at the Greater SD Science Fair, both these programs are supported by AFCEA.

The application can be downloaded from here:

Download Application

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