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Supporting the schools in San Diego County

The San Diego Chapter of the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) continues its partnership programs with schools in San Diego County. A key AFCEA mission is to encourage students to enter science and engineering careers – defense and non-defense related – since we believe that a strong and creative technical workforce is essential to our future.

Over the years, our local chapter has been garnering a significant amount of money (21%) from the total AFCEA International budget allocated for chapter initiatives. Kudos to our Education committee for supporting the local community in furthering the interest in Science and Engineering.

  • Technology Needed in Schools
  • Education Outreach Program
  • San Diego Futures Foundation (SDFF)
  • San Diego County Buck Bragunier Leadership Scholarship
  • $1000 Science Tool Program
  • $8000 College Scholarship Program
  • Science Fair
  • Robotics

EDCOM receives $13,800 in grants from AFCEA International.

AFCEA International Education Foundation has granted our local chapter grants worth $13,800 to support the following local educational initiatives:

  1. $5,000 to continue support of two local Robotics clubs
  2. $4,800 to support three additional weather stations at local schools
  3. $2,000 to support two ITEA programs
  4. $2,000 to provide additional Science Teaching Tools for Teachers

Gary Brister (AFCEA),Captain Mel Yokoyama (Speaker), David Wang (Columbia), Nikita Krishnan (Berkeley), Kaitlyn Fisher (Cal Poly), Stassa Cappos (Cal Poly), Richard Storey (Deloitte), Mohan Krishnan (AFCEA), Pat Kelly (AFCEA)

The San Diego Chapter wants to see you succeed.

Let AFCEA San Diego make a difference in your future.