Chapter Officers and Chairpersons

Executive Committee Organization

The Executive Committee shall consist of the Chapter Officers and the Chairpersons of standing committees or other committees which may from time to time be constituted by the Chapter President or Board of Directors.

Executive Committee Responsibility and Authority

The Executive Committee shall be responsible for the planning and execution of Chapter activities. This shall include the review of budgets and submission to the Board of Directors for approval; review and approval of Chapter standing committee activities; making recommendations to the Board of Directors of candidates suitable to fill vacancies in elected offices of the chapter; and such other functions as may be appropriate for the efficient conduct of Chapter affairs.


Gary Brister

Vice President for Education

Mohan Krishnan

Vice President for Membership

Vonnie Craig-Parker

young afcean regional rep #1

Kyle Griffin

Deputy for small business

Paul Thomas

deputy for Publicity

Karina Arushanyan

deputy for it

Danielle Seifert

awards committee chair

Peter Gamerdinger

chair, special projects

Matt Carabia

academic outreach

Raymond Moberly

Executive Vice President

Jack Turner

Deputy for Education

Pat Kelly

Deputy for Membership

Shaelyn Washburn

young afcean regional rep #2

Shaelyn Washburn

Vice President for Programs

Steve Rasmussen

vICE PRESIDENT for 2019 symposium

Carl Mills

luncheon Registration coordinator

James Roe

deputy awards committee

Wendy Nevak

Deputy for special projects

Mike Lindsey

women for afcea

Rhea Tobin

Sponsorship chair

Rhea Tobin


Jeff Summerhays

Vice President for Young AFCEAN

Danielle Seifert

Vice President for Small Business

Paul Hawkins

Vice president for Publicity

Keith Fernandez

vice president for IT

Robert Morgan 

luncheon venue coordinator

Robby Schimelpfening

veterans retraining initiative chair

Paul Thomas


Vonnie Craig-Parker

veterans retraining initiative chair

Paul Thomas

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