Please come join us for the InnovateGov inaugural event, Meet the NAVWAR Small Business Office, to discuss the challenges small businesses face, and what key roles and opportunities are available to overcome these challenges. This exciting half-day event includes discussions with:

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Keynote: Ms. Kimberly Reidy, NAVWAR Director Small Business Programs

Panel #1: The Key Role Small Businesses Play within the Defense Industrial Base 

The objective of this panel is to underscore the important role small businesses play in the Navy’s industrial base.

  1. John Pope, Executive Director, NAVWAR
  2. Alan Philpott, Deputy Program Manager, International C4I Integration Program Office, PMW 740
  3. Al Ondo, Navy and Marine Corps Strategic Programs Director, Agile Defense
  4. Moderator: Mr. Tim Miller, Chief Revenue Officer, ProSync Technology Group, LLC; AFCEA San Diego VP of Programs and Treasurer 

Panel #2: The Challenges Small Businesses Face in Pursuit of Successful Government Contracting 

The objective of this panel is to underscore the challenges small businesses face when trying to support Navy contract requirements.

  1. Troy Gunter, Director of Contracts, NAVWAR
  2. Travis Methvin, Chief Strategy Officer, PEO Digital
  3. Mary Lake, Deputy Director OSBP, NIWC PAC
  4. Jennie Brooks, Executive Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton
  5. Moderator: Marc Murphy, CEO, Ignite Digital Services 

Panel #3: Why Innovative Small Businesses Should be Encouraged to

Pursue Opportunities with the Government 

The objective of this panel is to underscore the unique factors that make innovative

small businesses that are much more important to the Navy, and ways to engage.

  1. Rich Caccese, Small Business Champion, NAVWAR
  2. Cindy Ledesma, Communications Branch Head, NAVWAR Contracts
  3. Ritesh Patel, Deputy Chief Engineer, NIWC PAC
  4. Anh Trang, Director of Procurement, PEO C4I
  5. Moderator: Scott Tait, CEO, Pacific Science & Engineering Group; Executive Director, National Security Innovation Catalyst

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Oscar Mancia
Vice President, Small Business
Emilie Vicchio
Deputy for Small Business