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AFCEA San Diego Membership

AFCEA’s over thirty thousand members and our San Diego Chapters’s near twelve hundred, are in every part of the market. They are senior, mid-level and junior members of the military and the government across the global security community. They are at every level of the industry supporting this community. They are officials, they are individual workers, they are students and they are teachers.

They are in management, in technology, in acquisition, in functional fields—what they have in common is that they serve the global security community in areas related to command and control, intelligence, communications, analysis, homeland security, law enforcement, and others.

Individual Membership

Learn about the benefits of AFCEA Individual and Student Memberships such as SIGNA Magazine, networking opportunities & more!

Corporate Membership

Join AFCEA’s over 2000 corporate members and connect with the premier network of thought leader in the global security community.

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Providing a gift membership to a family member, friend, student or colleague is a great way to show your support for the mission of AFCEA.

Studies of “remarkable associations,” those that stand out as the very best, show a common trait; these top associations are “of the members, by the members, and for the members.”

The San Diego Chapter wants you as part of this outstanding organization.

Join AFCEA San Diego and make a difference.